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当梵蒂冈以树荫在足球转会费,你知道你# 8217;做正确的事。

In terms of world-record transfer fees, 1992 was football’s watershed year. Within the space of two months, three players claimed the title of world’s most expensive player. It started with Jean-Pierre Papin, before Gianluca Vialla wrestled the crown from him just weeks later. Both are recognisable names; 伦蒂尼 is not.

六岁的边锋在都灵1986,但£13m费米兰支付给他签1992肯定皱起眉头。他在111场意甲比赛中有16个进球,并有六个意大利国际上限。与# 8220;工作的尊严的一种侵犯,与# 8221;是如何描写梵蒂冈费。

然而,它是难怪意大利和# 8217;的地位已由世界著名的异常下滑。在帮助米兰1个意甲冠军,两italianas超级杯和冠军联赛决赛在他的第一年,灾难降临了。1993八月,24岁的伦蒂尼遭遇了一场严重的车祸,而在热那亚的季前赛开车回家。他的受伤包括一个破碎的头骨和一个受损的眼睛插座,而他在一个光昏迷了两天。他最终恢复他的健康,但他的足球天赋已经失去了。这是一个很小的代价,他自己也承认,考虑到他几乎失去了他的生活:与# 8220;有时我觉得会怎样,但我说,最后我很好,我要很快乐。与# 8221;


As of Friday, July 29, 2016, 42 different individuals have been the subject of a world-record transfer. Of those, just three have been made the most expensive footballer in the world on two separate occasions. David Jack joined Bolton from Plymouth for a mammoth £3,500 in 1920, then moved to Arsenal eight years later for just under £11,000. Diego Maradona became a marquee signing for both Barcelona and Napoli within a two-year spell in the 1980s. The most recent of this eclectic world-record trio is the original, beautiful 罗纳尔多.

一个几乎引发了争议,一个辉煌的职业生涯,还可以与# 8211在播放器;应与# 8211;已如此,巴西和#转会到国际米兰的8217;1997是一个动乱的一个。他只花了一年时间在巴塞罗那从PSV 13.2£加入后,打破了上述伦蒂尼的四年的记录。这位19岁的球员在诺坎普的他在短短12个月的启示,在49场比赛中打进47球。在整个赛季中,一个新的合同的谈判,和巴塞罗那的信念,他们已经同意的条款,以保持球员,直到至少2006。但最近荣登世界年度最佳球员拒绝了俱乐部,付出自己的槟榔UT的条款,并加入了国际米兰对£19.5m,一年一次的世界纪录费。



不,不是才华横溢的中场在阿森纳和# 8217;的书籍,但巴西边锋的世界记录移动到一个中等的西班牙球队1998震惊了世界足坛。

At a time when 罗纳尔多, Romario and Rivaldo were the recognisable faces behind the most dominant force in the sport, 德尼尔森 inexplicably emerged as its most expensive. The left winger made his debut for Sao Paulo in 1994, and made 50 appearances for his boyhood club before leaving. Lazio, Barcelona and Tottenham were interested in his services by 1998, but it was Betis who swooped.


与# 8216;在世界杯结束,贝蒂斯将更好地知道他们是否有把便宜的或奢侈的哄骗,与# 8217;写Andrew Longmore的独立六月1998。后者,如果你仍然在想。


‘One of football’s true itinerants, a well-travelled striker with a wanderlust surpassed only by the likes of Rivaldo, Romario and Sebastian Abreu,’ was the rather curious description given to 克里斯蒂安·维耶里 by FIFA’s official website in 2014. It captures his status as an outlier of sorts – not quite at the standard of the true legends of the game, but one on a higher plane than most others.

As a result, you would be forgiven for not realising the Italian was once the world’s most expensive footballer. Vieri played for 13 clubs – two of them twice – in an 18-year career – a quality striker, but a nomad at heart. And that could soon become 14 sides at the tender age of 43.

It was the £32m move to Inter Milan in 1999 that earns him a place on this list. An £11m increase on the previous holder, 德尼尔森, Vieri would finally find a home at the San Siro. The striker scored 236 goals in 476 career appearances, but only at Inter did he stay for longer than a year. In his first nine years as a professional footballer, he played for nine different sides.


In the 1920s, the world-record transfer fee was broken five times; same for the 1950s. The 1970s and 1980s saw it surpassed three times each. The boom of the 1990s saw nine world-record transfers. But since 2001, only three players have become the most expensive ever.

The most recent instantly spring to mind. Cristiano 罗纳尔多 may not be too pleased with the fact, but his 2009 move from Manchester United to Real Madrid was narrowly beaten by Gareth Bale’s to the same club four years later. But the man 罗纳尔多 dethroned is often forgotten. Of course, 卡卡 only held the title for a matter of weeks – 23 days to be exact – upon his £56m move to Real before the Portuguese eclipsed it just over three weeks later, becoming a bigger, better and more fitting Galactico than his Brazilian counterpart. To say 卡卡 struggled in Spain is an understatement – he scored 29 goals in 120 games before returning to Milan for free.




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